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Telling at Natashas in Lexington, KY

Over the years I have told stories in a variety of venues. I have had the honor to share the stage with some of the top storytellers in the United States. Each teller I hear I learn more about the art and craft of storytelling. They all have become my mentors.

While it is tremendously rewarding to tell on stage at Corn Island Storytelling Festival, Cave Run Storytelling Festival, and the Northern Kentucky Storytelling Festival before crowds of kids and adults, I also learn more about storytelling wherever I tell. From Nursing homes to Chamber's of Commerce; from Retired Teachers Associations to libraries; from adult retirement homes to schools; from girl/boy scout camps to State and National Parks or Internationally, I learn more about how to tell stories, but perhaps more importantly, stories of people all across our land and the world.

I try to design my stories to blend in with whatever group I am telling to. I use audience participation to draw people into the stories and build upon their response.

I have strengths in various types of stories and where I am weak or do not tell certain types of stories, I will recommend another storyteller.

Please e-mail me:
or call me at 502-514-1061 for a program of entertaining stories.

                         Bill Watson-Storyteller
                         231 Ransom Trace
                         Georgetown, KY 40324

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